Although there is nothing cliché about his music, the singer/songwriter has an incredible knack for synthesizing the passion, joys, anxieties, and emotions of his life, and relationships into relatable and honest R&B tunes. Influenced by luminaries like Lauryn Hill, D’angelo and John Legend, Fùnsho explores territory often forgotten by peers in his generation while pushing past the sonic boundaries of the R&B genre. Building on the success of his solo

Melanin Reigns is a 21 year old spoken word artist, emcee, mentor, WOLB 1010 am co-host, creative writer for Urban Freedom Magazine, and also the owner and operator of the multi-faceted brand Melanin Reigns Essentials. Originally born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but relocated to Baltimore, Maryland at the age of 13. Melanin performs primarily with Speak Life Tour and is also the Youth coordinator of The Mentoring Clinic. More than just